5 Ukrainian freshmen who broke into Spotify and Apple Music charts

The music community of Ukraine is experiencing another cultural renaissance: artists of different genres have mobilised and are now forming a new cultural layer of the modern Ukrainian scene. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the world has been paying attention to everything related to Ukraine, including music. The emotional performance of ‘Stefania’ by Kalush Orchestra stirred up the whole music world and made us think about the tragedy happening in the heart of Europe.

Such popularisation of the Ukrainian theme became a trigger for hitmakers and legends of the scene. Everyone wanted to know about our performers, that Ukraine has talent, not just one.

The most productive collaboration of Ukrainian musicians with Great Britain.  Ed Sheeran, the leading British musician of the 2010s, offered the ‘Antytila’ team to record a part in his hit 2-Step. Despite serving in the Armed Forces and being unable to access their studio due to the occupation, the band’s verse harmoniously complemented Ed’s hit, published almost six months ago. It gained 14 million views on the official YouTube page of ‘Antytila.’

A pleasant surprise for the fans was made by the super legends of British rock Pink Floyd, who returned after eight years of silence in a duet with Andriy Khlyvniuk, the leader of the band ‘Boombox.’ Their performance of ‘Chervona Kalyna’ became a tangible symbol of the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. On this track, the British made a cover called ‘Hey Hey Rise Up.’

The next duet will remind about the youth of those who were teenagers in 2007. The hit ‘In the shadows’ from the Finnish band ‘The Rasmus’ played in a new way in the accompaniment of the Ukrainian flute and the recitative of Oleh Psiuk from the ‘Kalush Orchestra.’ 

Also, ‘The Rasmus’ represented Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. 

The younger generation of performers stays caught up to their more experienced colleagues. It is slowly gaining momentum, breaking into the top music charts of Ukraine, the most famous music streaming platform.       

So let’s talk about the five most exciting musicians that will take place in your playlist and heart.

Daniel Okaro «Не залишай»

(the title translates like ‘don’t leave’ — ed.)

Try it if you like the summer vibe of Tyler The Creator, vocals by The Weekend. 

‘Lemniskata’ discovers talents. Under the auspices of Kharkiv rapper T-Fest, the creative association became the producer of one of the most exciting freshmen of the new Ukrainian scene, Daniel Okaro.

Daniel’s first official release successfully combines a warm summer vibe, tenor vocals and, oddly enough, Drum’n’Bass. The reference to the genre popular in the 90s comes from the musician’s childhood: the artist’s father, a DJ, encouraged the guy to perform at the opening of his own DJ sets on the stages of nightclubs in Odesa.

To Eternity «Лав Сторіз»

(‘Love stories’ — ed.)

Try it if you relax to the lyrics and atmosphere of Mac Demarco’s songs

The significant musical discovery of 2022, the author of the tick-tock hit ‘Несмачний мед’ (Tasteless Honey), Daniel Otuonye, returns with the single ‘Лав Сторіз.’

In the new release, the musician does not change his style: a combination of the lines 

English and Ukrainian languages and synth-pop sounds perfectly convey the romantic plot of ‘Лав Сторіз,’ about how shyness sometimes interferes with relationships.

Struktura Shchastia ‘Druh’

(Structure of happiness ‘Friend’)

Try it if you have listened to all of Die Antwoord’s albums and love the first videos of The Prodigy

Struktura Shchastia, or the author of the project, Lisa Uhlach, represents the rave direction in our list.

For two years, she changed the genre and language of songs. Moving away from punk rock, she chose no less experimental electronic sound with elements of rave. She stopped writing songs in russian after February 24.

The idea of the new music video for the single ‘Druh’ is to immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of a creepy trip, which arises due to the dark techno arrangement and visuals reminiscent of horror film footage from the 90s.

Thekomakoma ‘Naivnyi Albom’

(the title means ‘Naive Album’)

Try it if you want to know how inside-pop sounds with a rave beat

Incredibly sensual release from the Ternopil artist Thekomakoma reveals the lyrical talent of the artist, known for the club rave sound, with elements of Ukrainian party songs.

But the most important on the album is the song ‘Family,’ which tells the story of Natalia, who lost her home because of the invasion but did not lose hope for the future.

Skazhy Shchos Pohane  ‘Lehit 1’ and ‘Lehit 2’

Say something terrible ‘Gentle breeze 1’ and ‘Gentle breeze 2’

Try it if you think that melancholic punk is the best soundtrack for your autumn

Nothing is known about the author’s identity behind the project ‘Skazhy Shchos Pohane.’ 

The short discography of the artist consists of two mini albums that broke into the charts of Apple Music, with a punk rock sound and guitar riffs in the style of the best works of Kurt.

This creative upsurge will not stop only at the fits with great artists but will also become a catalyst for significant changes in Ukrainian music. The potential and talent of our artists make us believe in a positive future for our scene: Ukraine may become a kind of Sweden for the music community: with bands that are competitive in Western charts and producers who create hits for top European and American artists.

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